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Custom N-Slice Arrays

If one of our standard designs does not meet your needs, you can design a

Custom N-Slice array that is Tailored to your particular experimental needs, all for a surprisingly reasonable cost. Engineers at Cytonetics can work with you to

design a custom N-Slice array specifically tailored for your application and experiment. If you think you might need a custom design please contact our engineers to discuss what we are able to do for you. You can also look at the

design guide for more information on designing your array.

Click here to view the production schedule.


The N-Slice Series of Customized Arrays:

  • Enable neuroscience researchers to design electrode arrays customized
        to a specific experimental preparation
  • Allows for customization of location, size, and number of electrodes, as
        well as tailoring of the transparent electrode supporting layer and the handle 
  • Offer high-resolution electrodes embedded into a transparent supporting
        layer for ease of viewing the underlying target and accurate positioning
        of the array
  • Accommodate up to 32 user-defined electrodes with either gold or
       platinum- black electrode materials.




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