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Array Construction
A complete array is composed of two main pieces a microfabricated structure and a flexible ribbon cable.


Microfabricated Structure:

  • Contains the transparent electrode array
  • Rigid silicon backbone with a protruding electrode array
  • Gold interconnecting wires for electronic connection to flexible ribbon cable

Array Schematic


Flexible Ribbon Cable:

  • microfabricated array protrudes from head of the flexible ribbon cable
  • 40-pin edge connector at tail for electronic connection
  • Angled handle integrated into head of flexible ribbon cable for easy mounting         onto a micromanipulator


Top-down Schematic

Schematic Zoom

Array Specifications:

    Supporting Layer Thickness: 2 microns
    Gold Interconnect Thickness: 0.5 micron
    Electrodes per array: up to 32 electrodes
    Electrode Materials: Gold or platinum-black
    Electrode Size: Variable (minimum 5-micron diameter)
    Impedance: Depends on electrode size and material
    Array Area: 1 mm x 2 mm maximum
    Electronic Connector: Adapter boards available to meet you needs 



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