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Array Overview



N-Slice Series Electrode Arrays

N-Slice Series Electrode Arrays contain high-density electrodes embedded into a transparent supporting layer for the recording or stimulation of neural signals. 


The transparent nature of the arrays allow you to view underlying cells for accurate positioning of the array.

N-Slice Series Arrays can accommodate up to

32 electrodes with either gold or platinum-black electrode materials.

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Custom Electrode Arrays

If a standard array is not appropriate, your experiment may require a custom N-Slice Arrays. Engineers at Cytonetics can work with you to design N-Slice Array specifically tailored for your application and experiment. 

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Accessories for N-Slice Series Arrays
Figuring out how to connect an array to a specific electronic configuration can be a time consuming task. The N-Slice series electrode arrays alleviate this problem by working with a library of adapters that connect to most popular headstages and amplifiers. Whether your electronics are standard or not, the         N-Slice Array Series will work for you.

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