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Standard Arrays

Standard Array      Order Now!

        • Up to 32 electrodes
        • Gold or platinum-black electrodes
        • Variety of grid-spacing arrangements
        • Electrode areas of 20, 75, 175, 300,
           450, 800, or 1500µm2


N-Slice Series Electrode Arrays contain high-density electrodes embedded into a transparent supporting layer for the recording or stimulation of neural signals.  The transparent nature of the arrays allows researchers to view underlying cells for accurate positioning of the array.  N-Slice Series Arrays can accommodate up to 32 electrodes with either gold or platinum-black electrode materials.  The arrays are designed for acute experiments and can be ordered from a standard library of array designs. In addition, custom arrays can be easily designed and ordered.


Each microfabricated array is mounted and electrically connected to a flexible ribbon cable.  Arrays are mounted so that the transparent end protrudes from the head of the flexible ribbon cable.  The electrical connections are made with wire bonds and are further secured with a thin layer of epoxy.  Integrated with the head of flexible ribbon cable is a handle that connects to a mounting rod.  The mounting rod can be attached to a micromanipulator in order to position the electrode array.  Because each experimental design is different, the angle of the handle can be specified at the time of order (i.e., 0, 30, 45, or 90 degrees).
(Click Here for a Dimensional Drawing)


Figuring out how to connect an array to a specific electronic configuration can be a time consuming task. The N-Slice series electrode arrays alleviate this problem by working with a library of adapters that connect to most popular headstages and amplifiers. Whether your electronics are standard or not, the N-Slice Series will work for you. Adapter designs can be found on the Accessories page.


Array Specifications:

    Supporting Layer Thickness: 2 microns
    Gold Interconnect Thickness: 0.5 micron
    Electrodes per array: up to 32 electrodes
    Electrode Materials: Gold or platinum-black
    Electrode Size: Variable (minimum 5-micron diameter)
    Impedance: Depends on electrode size and material
    Array Area: 1 mm x 2 mm maximum
    Electronic Connector: Adapter boards available to meet you needs 



Array Pictures


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