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Questions and Answers on N-Slice Series Microelectrode Arrays



Q. Can I reuse the arrays/How do I clean the arrays for reuse?
A. Yes, the arrays can be cleaned with a solution capable of dissolving the proteins that accumulate on the arrays during use. The use of ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended.

Q. Can I use the array for stimulation?
A. Yes, we recommend that you request platinum-black electrode surfaces when using the arrays for stimulation.


Q. Can I do a custom design/package?
A. Please refer to our design guide for more information on designing custom arrays.

Q. What is the price of a custom designed electrode array?
A. Please refer to our array catalog for our very affordable custom array pricing.


Q. Can these arrays be mounted to a manipulator?
A. Yes, the arrays are designed with an integrated handle that is easily attracted to a positioning rod.


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